Thursday, December 29, 2016


Man it's like I'm on it for a few weeks and then I'm gone, life is strange that way. Anyway this is the last post of 2016. This year has had it's highs and lows but for the most part it is another year in the books, and hopefully 2017 will much brighter.
On that note this is the jam of all jams that makes the new years bright. The 7th Annual OneLoveJam is going down on MLK Weekend, expect to see well you know amazing stuff on bikes and ride the most raddest spot in the world! Make your mark here on FaceBook and we will see you on Sat the 14th!

Monday, September 19, 2016

My Knee Infection: A Love Story

You know I think I saw and liked the crying knee on Instagram a few days ago. Around the World Ninja Brian Tunney decided to document his journey and his knee of death.

He's so dialed and smooth like butter not no parkay strictly butter baby

Friday, September 16, 2016


If Dane makes another Same Thing Daily Video he needs to add this lil homie Matthieu to next next roster, at this rate he would have the current Hersey Team on all his volumes.
These dudes never disappoint, editing dope, music is not my styles but i get down to OST for your crew and keeping the theme tight, riding always unbelievable. I'm amazed how these dudes have the hardest tricks in flat and able to ride contest arenas and still drop bombs. All right I'm gonna stop talking and check out 3/5.

HERESY 3/5 from HERESY BMX on Vimeo.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Ok WTF I woke up with a hyper extended shoulder and don't know what happen other than the fact I'm getting old. Well yesterday was a pretty good session, learned a new technique and got a good pedal to the shin...such a good day. Even though winter is here in NorCal.

Monday, September 12, 2016

It's All Ready Fall

Well we didn't get much of a summer in my opinion which I am fine with since I spend most of my free time on a black top, but then I got lost in thought and remembered I haven't been to the Clocktower at all this summer, I guess with Pete always touring there isn't a need to go down to the south bay. I'm going to make it a point to get down there maybe this weekend, depending if I can hit this combo this week.
Any way as I troll my way through Facebook and Instagram, I had another window open on the Vimeo page looking for some Video of the Day type shit and my prayers were answered, Bloodlines is Pete Brandts latest edit at the infamous ClockTower, I wonder if he made the OST? Well grab a joint and coffee and let the homie show you how to ride a bmx in the most busiest area of SF.

Pete Brandt Bloodlines 2016 from brandt on Vimeo.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Owen Bohn no Rio de Janeiro

I be checking dude out on Facebook, oh yeah happy belated birthday to the internet, cuz with out it, you would have never even hear about dude. Oh yeah the homie Tòno drops a gem too. S/O to the South American riders!

Owen Bohn no Rio de Janeiro from ART BMX MAGAZINE on Vimeo.


YEASS B. Carter and Red Bull rider Viki Gomez has come thru with the summer heat. Wow I got hit wit flashbacks. I remember meeting Viki at the 2001 CFB series, I can tell you comps are never gonna have this feel, ever....Jacksonville was the first stop, FYI that shit was crazy hood back then and that another story to tell.
Ok I'm blunted so just sit back and enjoy this ill shit.

Intrinsic from Viki Gomez on Vimeo.

Fruta Madera

Shayne and his love are on an adventure in South America and I hope this is the first of many vlog from these international travelers.

Fruta Madera from Shayne khajehnoori on Vimeo.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Horror City Demo EP '95

Ah man I just got home blazed up and threw this dope af demo. Yes this is DAT none of that other HD wish. Prince Paul must've had this sealed in a air tight vault just cuz if it was out side it would just catch flames cuz its so dope! Paul created that horror-core styles, wait hold up I'm lit, anybody remember Children of the Corn?? Cam, Mase, before the dollar sign, Big L and Bloodshed?? Or let me hit you with the knowledge....DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince? Check out A Nightmare on My Street. That's like '98...Yeah if you don't know Philly cats are the illest.
Any way check out my afternoon tunes, I had a long day yesterday of riding bmx like I haven't touched it in a while and I tackled my summer job I've been putting this off for a hot min so today just tunes and getting lifted.


Tuesday, August 16, 2016


OK this is what I'm talking about. Matthieu is on his way to becoming one of the greats. His style is unstoppable and man his edits will either leave you scratching your head or going out and trying his stylish jump to tricks, either way I need to smoke another one to greatly appreciate the art. Thanks lil homie for putting a smile on my face yesterday!

UFO RYDA from HERESY BMX on Vimeo.

Sick in Bed

Man last week was the most brutal week in a while, working my last week at my other job and starting full time at another was killing my immune system. So this week I'm back. Lets kick it off with the homie Jimalog out in Japan. Dude is known for his infamous jams and putting one together for visiting riders. Takuj always said Im welcome to come and check one out, I will take him up on that soon. Till then check out the Mantis and other locals in the Ben Jam!

Thursday, August 4, 2016


so i can't read even tho imma intelligent robot
This is just trash....smdh, I wasn't into it after I saw Jazz in the first one, then the second one...fuck they made those "brothers" a joke, monkey like features, couldn't read?! WTF! Um, why is Bumble Bee a fucking muscle car?? Fuck don't get me started, they don't even make the fuckin sound!!
Micheal Bay gets the big gas face, he will still get my money cuz I'm just a fan boy of that 80's shit. But Imma still bitch about it.
Once again he has massacred my childhood. Hotrod is garbage and I still really don't even want to find a picture of his vehicle mode. Fuck you Mike and take my money.

Monday, August 1, 2016


Word I'm not into the bendy style frames, but when I saw the Heresy frame it was in my eye function and style. Plus check out Alexis Instagram he is killin' it, riding various styles, street, park, and flat. A very all around frame.
Check out the new 4 piece bars, and new zero rake fork and a a zero rake fork that can be switched on the fly to 15mm. I have moved on to the larger 4's myself so I'm in that faze were I wanna try different geo's. The Deco's are nice, I like how they taper down although they do look like Haro Forklifters, function before fashion. Alright I gotta get ready for my last week of doubles. My riding and more blogging!


Friday, July 29, 2016

Comics I Copped

Ok so maybe the most important one that had to be got! If you haven't copped it do yourself a favor and get lit with the Black Panther.

Summertime Jams

I know to most bmx rider the summer is the most. Now picture this going to a jam in the summer in the Alps area at one of the largest lakes in France?? Well we can imagine or just check out the 2nd Tartiflat Jam right here!

Tartiflat Jam 2, June 2016 from Etienne74 on Vimeo.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016


I should just copy and past the description, but I'm not. This is BMX AF! Lil Capri Sun, aka quarter water, better know as Lil Juice delivers at the infamous El Toro spot. Remember that time Mike Hoder 3 off that ish?!
Ok now peep the newest guy to send it at this huge stair gap ish while giving the IDGAF to the lady in the cart.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

PistoleroJam2016 Flyer

Go check out the Facebook Event page for more info. See you in the fall.

Brad Simms: Ethiopian Version

I need to get this guy on here for an interview, Brad passport stamps have to be all over his photo by now. In this latest adventures he's in the mother land, and he is making use of the land and culture.
Im stoked on this hope you are too.

Monday, July 18, 2016


Pat Fisher has got to be the nicest guy in BMX. He stopped through town on his impromptu road trip, it sounds like I may need to pay a visit to Santa Cruz, he spoked very highly of the scene so I will take his word on that. We had a very chill evening and we watched front brake wizard Eben Fischer, where is he?!? What happened to the front brake revolution back in 2012? I think the Tech as Fuck kids are still around, I'll try to find some of there edits soon, but they like brakeless, not the same.
I had to work in the morning so instead of a flat sesh we headed to the Piner Skatepark. It has to be the most slickest park ever. Straight lines and nerves of steel, any false moves you will feel like the chump who never rode park. It's still sick like no coping, just old school snake run.

Eben Fischer Tree Bike Co. video for the web 2012 from What Hatnin' on Vimeo.

Anyway this whole weekend seemed like I was showing the homies to the park or the trails, which was fine change is good and I do like BMX, plus how often in the 707 you hear a flatlander, dirt jumper, street rider, and tranny queen chilling, and talking about BMX. Rare moment I cherish out here in the boondocks. It was a dope weekend, ok enough talk, I think its cool enough to go for an after work session.


Forty + :: Claude Hickman: Flatland 2016

Claude Hickman just had a birthday and to celebrate it he threw down some links. Dude is one of few Jedi's who have mastered the DarkSide style, and it shows with lots of variations from front to back and back to front, smooth like butter.
Brush WTF?? You got books on Amazon and you use rubber bands and a water bottle, is that bottle being reused and exposed to the sun?? Hey go out and buy a GorillaPod they are amazing.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

How to Whiplash | BMX Flatland | Can you make it! episode 14

Im so digging these how-to edit by Matthias and Alex. This weeks guest is the whiplash master jedi Alexis Desolneux, and they break down the whiplash and also show some sick links afterwards. 

#PistoleroJam2016 Date Is Set

Lalo just put some great news in the air, PistoleroJam is back and the date is October 22nd at the Long Beach Marina. The Part Swap was a hit, I saw a lot of riders who couldn't afford nice new parts walk a way with some smiles, I think I even saw a pair of Air Force 1's! Hit up Lalo on Facebook for more details as the event fold. See you #pistolero's there, oh shit don't forget to check out footage by Tim Knoll and myself.

pistolerojam from One Love BMX on Vimeo.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Seven Straight Summers

Yep for the last 7 years DJ Jazzy Jeff & Mick Boogie has been making my summer soundtrack since I arrived on the West Coast. This Summertime Mix Vol. 7 delivers with artist from Norah Jones, Chaka Khan, and too many for me to label. Go check out the Soundcloud link for the latest or just hit the link at the bottom of the page, and if you want the complete discography go check out and download all these gems for free!

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Nagoya Local EDIT

Japans is on another level of Clan's, Posse's, Crew's & Clik's. Whoa check out this 11:00 minute dope AF edit of the Nagoya Clan! Man I want to see more scene edits, oh wait I film...I think I might need to get on it.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Star Wars x Santa Cruz Collab

So the other day I was in the skateshop and I saw Captain Phasma deck from Santa Cruz, and was like whoa, then I saw b.s ass Fynn, Chewee, and Ob decks. I Really like the Phasma one the stuck out, so I guess I'm going to buy a board this weekend. Really this came out 2 years ago and I dont give a f**k I want it. Peace.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Vans BMX Street Invitational 2016: Section 1 Highlights

Vans Just dropped their 1 of 3 highlight videos from last weekend's contest. 4 pegs & the homie says, it's like a flat comp, enjoy.


Im not sure if this is a similar account like @rodeopeanut or @flatlandrodeopeanut but I am so down for chicken barspins or aka as my homie Bo calls them Japanese barspin. It took me a while to get them fakie, but with the help of owner and operator of 430 visit to the bay a few years back, he blessed me with the ninja skills, and been tossing them since...scratch that, I got these new school wide bars and scared to toss them. Either way I pretty sure it was a guy riding flat who spun some raditude after his pogo run. Anyway the homie Fat Joe made it and a few other flatland guys, I think Chad is in the mix and French guy Mathias, go check out the account and see if you can make #squad goals.

A video posted by @chikenbarsquad (@chikenbarsquad) on

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sunday, June 19, 2016


Um Marvel did you just get one up?? This is so good, Storm who isn't afraid of water Storm...I never understood since you know her main powers are to control weather, and I'm pretty sure if I had the mutant power to control the atmosphere I hope I am not afraid of water.

Any way thank you Zane Rutledge and Jeff Stolhand and the weather witch herself the goddess Maya Glick. Ok i'm gonna stop talking and check out this awesome flick RAIN.

I Like DVD's

Man I like video with every discipline of bmx. I really enjoyed the 1/4lbs series so I'm looking forward to this.

Saturday, June 18, 2016


Ta-Nehisi run is off the hook, the art by Stelfreeze makes me feel like I'm in the Afro-Futurism of Africa(Wakananda)

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Upgrade 2 "Undercover"

Imma just say Dub is killing the backwheel game, maybe we can see and backwheel battle between Dub and Yohei Uchino.

UPGRADE 2 : ''undercover'' from IGI BMX on Vimeo.

Friday, May 27, 2016


I really need to get into more posting, summer is here and a brotha man got like 2 jobs so we shall try to keep you updated. I heard they might be a lil jammy jam up in norcal, in June, oh yeah whiplash master and resident bass player Kerry Gatt has moved to the 707. Our scene is as big as SoCal but the legends status we got up here is well, legendary.
 Last weekend I was out stunt'n on the panty dropper and decided to film a couple of links, nothing big but i did rediscover mccircles, let's see where this new/lost technique will take me.
And yes this is the hardest hip hop beat rendition of The Transformers classic intro.

#morethanmeetstheeye from One Love BMX on Vimeo.

Friday, January 22, 2016


Shit I just realized i didn't post the updated flyer on the blog. Big thanks to Ron for putting together another awesome flyer. I say it every year, but this time I really mean it. This was the largest turn out to date for OneLoveJam2016! Over 100 riders from all over the world came out to surf the ultimate concrete wave.

Thanks to all the sponsors and to all the people who supported this event for the last six years. I stole a few pics from Shayne's Facebook. Also go check out Paul Covey blog up on check out the Facebook event wall here for more photos tooOneLoveJam2016


sean m


jessie p

OneLoveJam2016 from One Love BMX on Vimeo.