Tuesday, January 29, 2013

10 Questions - Dane Beardsley

boost in the garden
I sat down with Dane Beardsley last weekend at OneLoveJam2013 and told him I got 10 questions for him.  Just check out what's good with Dane on the fine art of bartending and stock tips.

1. Name, age, location, and sponsor?

 Dane, 31, Georgia, DK Bicycles, The Freestyle  Connection, and SameThingDaily

2. Trails, Street or Park?

     I'm from the streets.

3.  Favorite destination?


4. Hot sauce on everything?

    Not on my ice cream.

5. Kale or spinach?


6.  What company should I buy stocks in?

 Right now I'm selling, but you might want to look into SLV.  Look for a high dividend (yield %)     stock if your looking to buy right now cause the market is kind of high.  Don't expect instant profits and try and avoid owning a stock for less then one year.

7. What vegetable grows the best in your garden?

Greens such as kale and lettuces grow good in the spring. Tomatoes grow ok in the summer.

8. How do you make a margarita?

Fill a short glass with ice then add a 3 count of tequila and a 2 count of triple sec. Next squeeze some fresh lime juice and add simple syrup until the glass is full. Mix everything together or shake if possible. Or go to a Mexican restaurant.

9. You and the Duke are doing shows where?

Maybe the Alaskan bush in February, but no official word yet.  Hope it works out.

X to X 
10.  Shoutouts?

Julie Denton, DK Bicycles, folks, Kyle Kelsey, The Georgia State Flatland Champion Jody Temple, Zack Yankush, Trevor Gay, Jared Sutton, Jon Dowker, Russell Summerville, Cale Christy, The Globe, One Love BMX, NorCal riders, Pat Kempany, and Ted Vanorman.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

OneLoveBMX/OneLoveJam2013 Edit

The third annual OneLoveJam2013 went down this last weekend.  Big thanks to all our sponsors.  We raffled off 10 fat sacks at this year event, and Brock won $100 dollars cash for another first place at the bunny hop contest.
After the jam, we headed up to Bear Mountain with professional snowboarder Bo Wade to shred the gnar.  This was the best way to end such a killer weekend.  Thanks Bo for taking us out to the slopes.
If you never been to a OneLoveJam then you need to mark your calenders now.  OneLoveJam is held every MLK weekend in January. See you next year!

OneLoveJam2013 Edit from One Love BMX on Vimeo.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

VisionOneFilms OneLoveJam2013 Edit

Man, I am so stoked to see all these awesome edits drop.  Check out this latest one by VisionOneFilms.  Thanks Jerry for this sick edit!

ESPN OneLoveJam2013 Edit

Big thanks to ESPN, Arron Nardi, and Brain Tunney for putting this out.  Big shoutout to Brian also for covering the event 2 years in a row.  And People say ESPN don't cover flat...SMH.
Feel Cali winter vibes!

OneLoveJam2013 Edits Are Dropping!

Dude, this is the first edit from OneLoveJam2013.  I should have a repo and our edit up real soon.  So for now check out Paul Covey sweet lil edit.  Peace!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

10 Questions - James White

How can I start this interview, well this guy has been in the UK scene for a very long time.  His riding blew my mind in Groundworks, he rolled his way into our minds in the classic inTRIKat Background. And now James White is still at it along with his new sponsor S&M Bikes.  I sent a smoke signals across the pond and this is what i got back.  As they say over there....Cheers!

1. Name, Age, Location, Sponsors?

James White, 24 years old (or that could be the other way round ain't good with numbers), South East London,  S&M Bikes(4Down Distribution)

2. When did you meet Phil D?

First met Phil in 1991 I think.  He was doing pinky squeaks, I was blown away!

3. Name the last album you had on the 1's n 2's?

Ice T "Power"....stone cold classic!!  I go through many music fazes but always come back to hip hop of my youth.  Fresh and raw like me!!

4. You just got onboard with S&M.  Describe your set-up?

A white 20" inTRIKat frame, the new forks and 9" rise bar set up, all in white like it was made for me. Sweeeet!

5. Does Sam Fokes have a twin?

It's not a twin, it's the same person.  When Sam is not riding he's 'Susan Boyle'....he doesn't deny it!

6. Name a Classic rap track that describe you?

Spoonie G, the Godfather!!!  Swap the 'rap' for flat and that's me baby!!

7. What is a day in the life of James White?

Work, kids, and riding.  Not much else!

8. How big is the UK scene?

Errr...I'd say small but I sense it's growing.  I plan on putting on a few UK events this year so were see.

9. When is it too wet to ride?

Never....you gotta do what you gotta do!

10. Shoutouts?



Monday, January 7, 2013

Bike Check

I just realize that I haven't post anything for 2013.  So this is the first post of 2013, I also got a few interviews lined up for future post.  So stay tuned.
Ok so first up I just got myself a new S&M inTRIKat frame.  I am totally stoked on this frame.  Its super stiff, responsive, and built in the good ole US of A.  Big thanks to Chad J and Sean M for putting together a serious flat machine. 
Don't for get OneLoveJam2013 is only 2 weeks away.  See you there!

Frame: S&M inTRIKat 19.5
Fork: Primo Strand w/990
Headset: Primo
Handlebars: Animal Scerbo
Grips: Revenge Da'Kine
Tires: Primo Comets 1.95
Pedals: Primo Josh Stricker
Rear Wheel: Primo Balance Hop 36h Profile/Nankai Hub
Front Wheel: Primo N4
Cranks: Profile 170mm
Chain: KMC
Sprocket: Primo Tony Neyer 28t
Seat: KHE Watanabe
Post: Primo Pivotal w/ S&M P-Guts
Clamp: Integrated
Pegs: Tree Big Balsa