Monday, January 30, 2012

Tree / Eben Fischer 2011 Re-visited

Damn not only you get some more freecoaster action, you also get a nice dose of the front brake.  Eben's edit is just as amazing as Josh's Madera edit.   Eben's style is a little more tech in my eye's, but you can be the judge of that.

TCU Exclusive - Josh Eilken

Ok this is another TCU exclusives.  Josh's fakie style is on point.  Digging the freecoaster action, and the super tech line around 1:25.  You wont be disappointed.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Beats Rhymes & Life

I just checked out the A Tribe Called Quest's new documentary "Beats Rhymes & Life.  It was awesome.  I had no idea what impact Tribe had to the music industry, and myself.  One thing I did learn from Tribe's music, was to be myself, and to express myself as how i feel fit, the way I talk, dress, even ride a bike.

Go cop this and watch it with your homies or your girl, you wont be disappointed.

Dane Beardsley Interview -

Another post featuring the folks down in the dirty south.  Dane "muthafuckin'" Beardsley drops some knowledge on you trifling ass fools in this Hungarian interview.  I hear Dane makes a mean margarita.
Click here to learn something. Words from the Raddest Dude

Love Bikes Girls

I shouldve put this one up like 3 weeks ago.  All three words sum up this edit from overseas.

The Freestyle Connection meets Tron

For some reason I was surfing the web and saw a European freestyle show using lights.  Maybe Matt W. had some influence with that one.  Anyway heres my Georgia cousin doing a show out in Tx lighting up the Lone Star State.

freestyle connection

euro show

Friday, January 27, 2012

TheBurntSide - Sean Fontenot/Chad Johnston

Well the laptop is about to die as I finish this last entry.  This last edit features our LBC homies Sean and Chad riding at the famous "Globe" in Long Beach.  Kinda artsy.

Luc Legrand - Animal Edit

Good filming and awesome riding by Luc.

Tanmenboys Boys #1

Whoa a little park and flat action by Tang-Meng. Flossy.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Day with Kevin Porter

Yesterday was all about Kevin.  His frame promo dropped from Fly, and ESPN also featured him in A day with Kevin Porter.  Manual - toboggan is mad smooth.

Lotta Heat

BeastMode, Atlanta...I'll have to watch this one later, the WiFi connection at Starbucks today is wack.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fly Bikes Tierra Promo

Digging this edit by Fly Bikes promo. It looks like this was filmed around LBC.  Kevin is so smooth.  If you look closely you can see Sean F and Ryan R riding at the famous "The Globe".  Flat guys should be into this frame, low stand over, and a short back end.

Bad Timing Winter Promo

One word about this edit....DOPE!  Featuring Aaron Smith, Darryl Tocco, Chris Aceto, Randy Brown, Geoff Slattery, and Tony Hamlin and a guest appearance by Ben Hittle and Sean Sexton.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Final Session - Vans Skatepark Orlando

I cant believe its been over a decade since they open there doors.  RIP Vans Skatepark of Orlando Fla.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Kotaro Tanaka

Even though there are no sub titles or translation, you can still feel the passion of Kotaro for pushing BMX in his country.


Finally the BMX street from G-Shock Real Toughness is live.  I wonder why there is no Akira in the mix, its still worth watching.  Such a small stage to hold a rail jam.

70% Precipitation, 100% Intoxication

Man this is awesome.  A group of dudes from the Michigan rolled down to Austin Tx to ride, but only to discover that its raining the whole time during there visit.  I know up in the bay, rain means drinking, hence the name of the edit.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

BMX / SK8 Colab

Im not sure how the skateboard community feels about this edit, but I think this edit is awesome.  Chad Kerly and Theotis Beasley doing it for Markit.  Maybe we will see more SK8 and BMX colabs in the future.

Sunday Bikes- TJ Henderson

Dude this video is so good.  The intro is so good. Sometimes you have to just show m'fer's that you aint no punk bitch.  Another awesome edit from Sunday Bikes.

Jeff DesRoche 06

Man watching makes me think how many people riding got influence by Jeff.  Jeff kills it in this edit.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bonus: Hey do a Trick

Just got this in from Joe.  Lets just call this one the bonus.

Hey Do a Trick

Hey what can I say, it's raining today, and its a great excuse to sit in front of a TV or computer.  Check it, "Hey Do a Trick" by Athens own Jon Dowker.  Its around 4 years old, but there still great riding from the whole ATH Fam.  I think Jody had Duke pull his clip, if i can find my DVD ill try to upload it. This was broken up into parts for the interweb. Enjoy this people.


part 1 mix street/ramps

part 2 mix flat

part 3 nick thurman

part 4 dave harrison

part 5 darin wright

part 6 kent person

part 8 dane beardsley

part 9 the duke

part 10 rob christianson

part 11 kyle kelsey


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

OneLoveJam 2012 Edit

It's pretty hard to film when you want to do nothing but ride.  Shayne and myself got a few clip from last weekend.  I forgot to add my homie to the credits when throwing this together, yeah I know shouldve looked at again before uploading to Vimeo.
Well here it is....OneLoveJam 2012 edit.  Thanks again to everyone who made it out.  See you next year!

Shayne K
Darin W

Darin W

Speaker on Blast
Game f. E-40, Big Boi

ESPN & OneLoveJam2012

ESPN came out to cover the event this year.  Big thanks to Brian Tunney and Jeremy Pavia for this clean write up.  Click the link below, and check out some rad pictures.  Been a little busy with posting these updates, big thanks to flatmattersonline for putting up the news as soon as it comes out.  Look for the OneLoveJam edit soon


OneLoveJam 2012 Report

Brock taking a victory hop after winning $300 cash on Sat
It's been a while since last update.  OneLoveJam went down on last Saturday.  We left the bay super early.  First stop, The Bicycle Source bbq.  These dude threw down some burgers and a small jam in front of the shop.  The Canadians were taking advantage of southern California winters, Cory, and Percy were killing it, I still don't see how they could even ride that spot.  The sun went down, and the next session was going down at Ryan Russell's crib.  He happens to room with Ben Snowden.  This spot is so rad, and it has a flat slab.  Ryan was also cool with us camping out on the beach, yes a beach on the side of the skatepark.  We retired early so we could beat traffic, and get a chance to ride the lot before people show up.

I couldn't believe no traffic on the PCH.  We got to the spot, and there were already people hang out.  I knew this was going to be a awesome day.  It was great to be out riding before the chaos, I was in my zone, and next thing, I looked up and the lot is full.  The Red Bull MTX truck pulled up and did it's transformer thing and proceeded to blast tunes all day.  It was a close one though, the lifeguard rolled up on the DJ, they talked, and then he left.  No troubles from Babylon, no wind, beautiful skies, it was a perfect day to be on a bike.

The bunnyhop contest started around 2:30.  Some Red Bull girls where on deck to pass out cold beverages while the contest was going on.  I was impress, the flat guys really wanted that $300.  Some of the flat guys even made it to the 30.0 inch mark.  Rob from Bike D.I.C.E got up to 40.0 inches also.  But the cool cash went to Brock who happen to clear the most righteous hight of 42.0 inches. 

It was a blast.  I got to see old faces, and new faces.  I hope to see everyone one next year.  A big shoutout to our sponsors, Red Bull, Primo, S&M, Bike D.I.C.E, Sidual, Diversiontv, ESPN, Jeremy Pavia, Brian Tunney, Chad & Amy Johnston, Neon Media, Animal, Deco, East County BMX, Operativ, Kink, Innertwine, Jungle Rider, and anyone else I forgot.  Thanks again for coming out.

See you next year!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

One Love Jam 2012/4130 Subway Series Info

Ok guys its 3 days left.  I got word via Ryan R. about the The 4130 Subway Series BMX Ride that will be going down also on Saturday night.  Click the link for more info.  It sounds like fun, a BMX critical mass through Hollywood.  Awesome!

Also for all you guys driving or flying out here to the 'best' coast.  Be safe in your travels and we will see you guys out here!

Oops,  I also want to say a big thanks also to all the companies who have been showing lots of support since day one!

TCU Exclusive: Tony Neyer

Another banger by LBC local Tony Neyer.  Big thanks to Tony for hacking TCU vimeo account so everyone embed this edit.

TCU Exclusive: Tony Neyer from on Vimeo.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

BMX Commute

This is so cool.  It so much better for yourself, your environment, and your wallet.  I like to use the road bike for my commute to work, but hey what ever works for you.  Looks like this dude commute to work puts a smile on his face every morning.

Rick Ross - Rich Forever

The highly anticipated mix tape of the year by the Bawse! MMG Untouchable and King of Diamond are my standouts right now.  This album will get heavy rotation, check out the inside look. And also a link to the mixtape.

Rick Ross - Rich Forever

Friday, January 6, 2012

How to Lube a Chain

Well it might not show you how to really lube a chain, but at least it's got hot chicks working in a bike shop.

Different Character Warehouse Session

 Matthias edits have been getting really good.  It looks like he step up his game with a slider and steady cam.  This edit is really good.  It's a little late, but hey somethings you need to let it marinate for a bit before throwing it on the grill.

Sunday Bikes - Welcome to the Team / Erik Elstran

This dude kills it.  I don't think I've ever seen anyone ride a bmx bike like Erik.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Last Minute Sponsor Add

Better late than never.  S&M is our final sponsor for this epic event.  2 weeks left and counting.  Also a big thanks to Vegas Mike for updating the flyer 9x, and a even bigger thanks goes to all our supporters.
Man if people thought they walked away with prizes last year, wait till they get to see what all these awesome company put up for this event.

Duke New Year's Eve Jam

My man Jon 'tha Duke' Dowker  held his New Year Eve Jam down in the dirty south.  Kickers, foot down contest,roll back contest. Man Duke hit it with this one.

Ian Bengochea Bio

Fit / Nike 6.0 rider Ian Bengochea comes correct with this awesome edit.  Dude has mad control over his bike.  G-turns, nose wheelies, won't want to miss this one.

Dan Coller/Jake Petruchik warehouse edit 2012

These guys look like there just having fun on a ledge set up at the Kink warehouse and decided to break out the camera.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

ESPN Profile: Dirty

Shayne has put out some of the cleanest profile edits I've seen on the ESPN site.  This profile is all about our favorite Honduran Stephen Hearn.  If youre riding in the Innertwine van next week, you can see the OG Day in the Life premiere on Jan 13th.  Filmed with a Flip HD.  Man times were tough back then.

Dennis Erhardt Eclat Winter Edit

Dennis putting it down for Eclat.  Is this a winter edit?  It don't look like it's too cold over in Germany.

VANS Let it Ride 2011 Pt. 2

Part two of the Vans team trip to the Canary Islands.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Crème de la Crème 2011

When DK supper star Brian Kachinsky introduce The Bakery to the BMX massive last year, I don't think I was able to handle what the level of riding has become. If you missed all these's awesome riders nows your chance to catch up. RUH! Catch all the other pre-heats here.

Profile Racing Phil Aller PBR Visa

Why not escape the harsh winters to come and shred in sunny California.

Go to The Union for more videos.

Monday, January 2, 2012


I don't know who this guy is putting up all these awesome VHS classics, but please keep them coming.  Still waiting for someone to post up "Paved Paradise".

Sunday, January 1, 2012

My Presentation 2011

Another 'Presentation' by Jimalog.  I always get stoked to see this dude's hood.  From the looks from last year edit, it looks like it continues to grow.

Posse Up Promo Trailer

We all love the cliche b&w cuts, and this trailer has it all.  Posse Up video contest has started.  Check for more info here at and follow @posseupbmx on twitter.  Filmed and edited by Shayne Khajehnoori.