Saturday, August 25, 2012

2012 Sonoma Bicycle Expo

I know three post in one week, what the what??  Anyway last Sunday the crew put on a all day flatland demo at the 3rd annual Sonoma Bicycle Expo.  Last year we had a spot about as big as the vendors, this year we came correct, a bigger spot, we added a couple of guess riders, and also a PA system provided by Geoffrey Smith.  This year event included the VeloGenesis where local bike builders put there heads together to make a steel custom town bike, and also Calfee was making there signature bamboo bike for a couple of lucky raffle winners.

 A big thanks to the Sonoma Bicycle Coalition, Sandra Lupien, Dylan,  Gary Helfrich, Geoffrey Smith, OSG, OneLoveCrew, and the silent shredder Ed B.
Thanks again and see you next year!

Sonoma Bike Expo 2012 from One Love BMX on Vimeo.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

USA Road Trip by Dane Beardsley

I was kinda shock to see this, when Dane was in town a few months back he got some clips of the crew, now in my head I was thinking this footage probably wouldn't see the light of day for at least another few months.  I guess I was wrong, this is awesome!  I am really stoked on seeing trail legend Adam Baker, and also Ted Van Orman, and Cale murder the trails.
More riders should get away from there monitors, and travel more, and not just to contest or jams, just get out and travel to see the other scenes, states, countries, people and culture.  Every BMX scene has  these elements.  Try it out, you may like what you see.

Saturday, August 18, 2012


Primo/OneLove from One Love BMX on Vimeo.

Two months ago we got hooked up with Primo BMX, between conflicting work schedules, broken frames, and a mini heat wave, I finally got some clips of the crew together for our welcome edit.

While this was in the oven, our homie Steve "Dirty" Hearn got picked up on S&M flow, so instead of throwing down for this edit, he said "Im gonna make that kitty purr" for the next S&M/Primo/OneLoveBmx edit.... Coming soon!

A big S/O to Primo BMX, John Richards(TM), Fano, Chad J, and Sean M @ S&M Bikes for all the support.

Film & Edit
Darin Wright

Accident Murderers
Nas feat. Rick Ross

Sonoma Bike Expo 2012

Tomorrow we will be showing off our skills at the 3rd annual Sonoma Bike Expo.  This year event is looking soo good.  See you out there!