Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Queens Posse Up

Man how could I forget about Frank, and his Queens crew.  Big fan of Frank and his riding.  He rolls a mean Dutch too.


A lot of shaka's, a lot of ganja, beer, personal(human powered)watercraft, and good vibes!

SoCal Posse Up

I feel asleep before I could post up this awesome 15 minute adventure.  Wow Sean, this is what I had wanted to do with the Norcal scene.  This shit brought heat to the contest. The Mike Tyson Punch out clips, Raw!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Posse Up Edits

Im gonna post some of these amazing crew edits. The LBC crew has one also, once they get it uploaded ill post it up.  Most blogger either put some or none of the clips up.  So a big S/O to FlatmattersOnline and Flatland Way! for posting these amazing edits.  Make sure you stop by and submit you Posse Up edit if you want to show the masses how you and your posse gets down.

A lot of time and love went into these edits.  To me it proves that flatland isnt a lone man sport, but a way to get your homies together for the same common intrest...To have fun!   Enjoy.