Wednesday, January 18, 2012

OneLoveJam 2012 Report

Brock taking a victory hop after winning $300 cash on Sat
It's been a while since last update.  OneLoveJam went down on last Saturday.  We left the bay super early.  First stop, The Bicycle Source bbq.  These dude threw down some burgers and a small jam in front of the shop.  The Canadians were taking advantage of southern California winters, Cory, and Percy were killing it, I still don't see how they could even ride that spot.  The sun went down, and the next session was going down at Ryan Russell's crib.  He happens to room with Ben Snowden.  This spot is so rad, and it has a flat slab.  Ryan was also cool with us camping out on the beach, yes a beach on the side of the skatepark.  We retired early so we could beat traffic, and get a chance to ride the lot before people show up.

I couldn't believe no traffic on the PCH.  We got to the spot, and there were already people hang out.  I knew this was going to be a awesome day.  It was great to be out riding before the chaos, I was in my zone, and next thing, I looked up and the lot is full.  The Red Bull MTX truck pulled up and did it's transformer thing and proceeded to blast tunes all day.  It was a close one though, the lifeguard rolled up on the DJ, they talked, and then he left.  No troubles from Babylon, no wind, beautiful skies, it was a perfect day to be on a bike.

The bunnyhop contest started around 2:30.  Some Red Bull girls where on deck to pass out cold beverages while the contest was going on.  I was impress, the flat guys really wanted that $300.  Some of the flat guys even made it to the 30.0 inch mark.  Rob from Bike D.I.C.E got up to 40.0 inches also.  But the cool cash went to Brock who happen to clear the most righteous hight of 42.0 inches. 

It was a blast.  I got to see old faces, and new faces.  I hope to see everyone one next year.  A big shoutout to our sponsors, Red Bull, Primo, S&M, Bike D.I.C.E, Sidual, Diversiontv, ESPN, Jeremy Pavia, Brian Tunney, Chad & Amy Johnston, Neon Media, Animal, Deco, East County BMX, Operativ, Kink, Innertwine, Jungle Rider, and anyone else I forgot.  Thanks again for coming out.

See you next year!

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