Thursday, January 10, 2013

10 Questions - James White

How can I start this interview, well this guy has been in the UK scene for a very long time.  His riding blew my mind in Groundworks, he rolled his way into our minds in the classic inTRIKat Background. And now James White is still at it along with his new sponsor S&M Bikes.  I sent a smoke signals across the pond and this is what i got back.  As they say over there....Cheers!

1. Name, Age, Location, Sponsors?

James White, 24 years old (or that could be the other way round ain't good with numbers), South East London,  S&M Bikes(4Down Distribution)

2. When did you meet Phil D?

First met Phil in 1991 I think.  He was doing pinky squeaks, I was blown away!

3. Name the last album you had on the 1's n 2's?

Ice T "Power"....stone cold classic!!  I go through many music fazes but always come back to hip hop of my youth.  Fresh and raw like me!!

4. You just got onboard with S&M.  Describe your set-up?

A white 20" inTRIKat frame, the new forks and 9" rise bar set up, all in white like it was made for me. Sweeeet!

5. Does Sam Fokes have a twin?

It's not a twin, it's the same person.  When Sam is not riding he's 'Susan Boyle'....he doesn't deny it!

6. Name a Classic rap track that describe you?

Spoonie G, the Godfather!!!  Swap the 'rap' for flat and that's me baby!!

7. What is a day in the life of James White?

Work, kids, and riding.  Not much else!

8. How big is the UK scene?

Errr...I'd say small but I sense it's growing.  I plan on putting on a few UK events this year so were see.

9. When is it too wet to ride? gotta do what you gotta do!

10. Shoutouts?



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