Tuesday, January 29, 2013

10 Questions - Dane Beardsley

boost in the garden
I sat down with Dane Beardsley last weekend at OneLoveJam2013 and told him I got 10 questions for him.  Just check out what's good with Dane on the fine art of bartending and stock tips.

1. Name, age, location, and sponsor?

 Dane, 31, Georgia, DK Bicycles, The Freestyle  Connection, and SameThingDaily

2. Trails, Street or Park?

     I'm from the streets.

3.  Favorite destination?


4. Hot sauce on everything?

    Not on my ice cream.

5. Kale or spinach?


6.  What company should I buy stocks in?

 Right now I'm selling, but you might want to look into SLV.  Look for a high dividend (yield %)     stock if your looking to buy right now cause the market is kind of high.  Don't expect instant profits and try and avoid owning a stock for less then one year.

7. What vegetable grows the best in your garden?

Greens such as kale and lettuces grow good in the spring. Tomatoes grow ok in the summer.

8. How do you make a margarita?

Fill a short glass with ice then add a 3 count of tequila and a 2 count of triple sec. Next squeeze some fresh lime juice and add simple syrup until the glass is full. Mix everything together or shake if possible. Or go to a Mexican restaurant.

9. You and the Duke are doing shows where?

Maybe the Alaskan bush in February, but no official word yet.  Hope it works out.

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10.  Shoutouts?

Julie Denton, DK Bicycles, folks, Kyle Kelsey, The Georgia State Flatland Champion Jody Temple, Zack Yankush, Trevor Gay, Jared Sutton, Jon Dowker, Russell Summerville, Cale Christy, The Globe, One Love BMX, NorCal riders, Pat Kempany, and Ted Vanorman.

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