Monday, June 27, 2016


Im not sure if this is a similar account like @rodeopeanut or @flatlandrodeopeanut but I am so down for chicken barspins or aka as my homie Bo calls them Japanese barspin. It took me a while to get them fakie, but with the help of owner and operator of 430 visit to the bay a few years back, he blessed me with the ninja skills, and been tossing them since...scratch that, I got these new school wide bars and scared to toss them. Either way I pretty sure it was a guy riding flat who spun some raditude after his pogo run. Anyway the homie Fat Joe made it and a few other flatland guys, I think Chad is in the mix and French guy Mathias, go check out the account and see if you can make #squad goals.

A video posted by @chikenbarsquad (@chikenbarsquad) on

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