Thursday, August 18, 2016

Horror City Demo EP '95

Ah man I just got home blazed up and threw this dope af demo. Yes this is DAT none of that other HD wish. Prince Paul must've had this sealed in a air tight vault just cuz if it was out side it would just catch flames cuz its so dope! Paul created that horror-core styles, wait hold up I'm lit, anybody remember Children of the Corn?? Cam, Mase, before the dollar sign, Big L and Bloodshed?? Or let me hit you with the knowledge....DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince? Check out A Nightmare on My Street. That's like '98...Yeah if you don't know Philly cats are the illest.
Any way check out my afternoon tunes, I had a long day yesterday of riding bmx like I haven't touched it in a while and I tackled my summer job I've been putting this off for a hot min so today just tunes and getting lifted.


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