Monday, July 18, 2016


Pat Fisher has got to be the nicest guy in BMX. He stopped through town on his impromptu road trip, it sounds like I may need to pay a visit to Santa Cruz, he spoked very highly of the scene so I will take his word on that. We had a very chill evening and we watched front brake wizard Eben Fischer, where is he?!? What happened to the front brake revolution back in 2012? I think the Tech as Fuck kids are still around, I'll try to find some of there edits soon, but they like brakeless, not the same.
I had to work in the morning so instead of a flat sesh we headed to the Piner Skatepark. It has to be the most slickest park ever. Straight lines and nerves of steel, any false moves you will feel like the chump who never rode park. It's still sick like no coping, just old school snake run.

Eben Fischer Tree Bike Co. video for the web 2012 from What Hatnin' on Vimeo.

Anyway this whole weekend seemed like I was showing the homies to the park or the trails, which was fine change is good and I do like BMX, plus how often in the 707 you hear a flatlander, dirt jumper, street rider, and tranny queen chilling, and talking about BMX. Rare moment I cherish out here in the boondocks. It was a dope weekend, ok enough talk, I think its cool enough to go for an after work session.


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