Saturday, June 9, 2012

Daily News

Well it's been a while since the last posting, so Im gonna get ya'll caught up.  First up, the OneLoveCrew is now sponsored by PrimoBMX.  Eric(sales guru & fellow hiphopjunkie) @ John(TM) have been looking out for the crew since day one.  We are really stoked on being part of a company that has been a big part in BMX history.  Look for our welcome edit filmed by Shayne K. coming soon.

DubSteps ride sittin on Dub's in front of the new Norcal House 
Second up, Shayne K. has officially started a new NorCal BMX house.  Current tennets include Steve "Muscle" Hearn and Dave "NipsyHustle" Debuono. A killer backyard with a palm tree, multiple rack system for all the whips , and an ill ass fire pit,  these guys just went from ashy to classy.

Backward kickflip to wheelchair
photo by
Kerry Gatt

Third up, almost two weeks ago,  the crew went out to Walnut Creek to ride with Kerry Gatt, Ed Benoit, and Dylan Worsley.  To say the least, this was an epic session.  Sorry folks there was no filming went down at this session.  After the session Kerry took us out to one of the local pubs for a few pitcher of brew.  While out on the patio, Andrew Arroyo stopped by.  I though he was a myth, but no he was there in the flesh.  He still rides and occasionally stops for sleep out in Napa in his VW.

the realness 
And last but not least, VoodooJam2012 is going down today!  If you're there please drink a hurricane for me at the event.  So stoked for Scott & Terry to bring back one of the most legit American contest ever.  Good luck to all the riders, and for those who made the journey by car, drive safe.  Im out.

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