Wednesday, February 15, 2012

R.I.P Big L

Today marks the death of one of the greatest emcees to ever live, Lamont Coleman aka Big L.  A member of the D.I.T.C crew (Diggin' in tha Creates) and also he founded Harems Children of the Corn, man I miss hearing Murda Mase, and Killa Cam spit on those singles.

Big L was killed in a drive-by shooting on Feb 15, 1999.  But of course as we see in history, the illest emcees deaths are never solved.

Big L you will be missed.  Check out his  first appearance on Yo! MTV Raps with Lord Finesse promoting his album "Return of the Funky Man", and this freestyle, over Ras Kass H20 Proof beat.

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