Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dub Step Dave Interview

some x-footed action going on
We got more interviews in the works, but for now check out our cousin who just made his second journey back to the West Coast.

The Dub Step Dave Interview

DW - Name?
DD - "David DeBuono"

DW - Age?
DD - "26"

DW - Hometown?
DD - "Fishkill NY"

DW - This is your second tour in Norcal, What made you want to come back?
DD - "I had a blast out here! There a scene with riding all year round, good friends, and good times"

DW - Your car is slammed, does it make it easier to put your bike on your roof rack?
DD - "It does. In fact, LOW is a lifestyle!"  "I got bit by the lowered VW bug and never looked back."

DW - Blunts, Bongs, or J's
DD - "They all have their places, good to roll somethin' up with your homies, but there's always time for a tasty bong rip."

DW - Brakes or no brakes?
DD - "No brakes for me, but I hope everyone's doing their own thing."

DW - Whats the Norcal scene like?
DD - "A nice number of riders, laid back, few different spots to hit, good chillin' in between, I feel connected out here?

DW - You are the only one in the crew who listens to "Dub-Step".  Do you get shit from the other dudes in the crew?
DD - "I might recall a few opinions, but my response is always wub, wub, wub"

DW - Any shoutouts?
DD- "Thanks to my family back home for always supporting me, even with me dropping everything to be out here, the crew out here for making it possible, and the riders back home, I miss you bloods!"

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