Saturday, July 20, 2013

10 Questions - Jody Temple

Hmm how should I start this one.  Jody Temple aka Fat Joe aka Joe Ski Love aka Q-Change is probably no...he is the hardest of hardcore riders left in the states.  I meet JT around 2000, there was a BS contest in ATL and a big jam sesh in Athens that weekend.  Let me say that weekend was like crazy, everybody was killing it, but it was JT who I was watching, I was so blown away by his switches.  By 02 I finally made my move to Athens Ga, by that time JT was killing it.  I often speak of him as my white twin brother from another mother, his born day is one day after mine, both of our mothers are school teachers, and our love for Jamesons, and large breast.
I  don't want to bore you with my intimate tales of one of my homies, cuz I might start tearing, miss that dude.  So lets get this ish started.
~Darin W

10 question Jody Temple

1. Name, age, location?
    Joseph Martin Temple Jr, Jan 14 1975 Athens Ga

2. How many people have you served on the chessboard?
     I have slain and been slain.  I beat a master once and an expert twice in a row once, but that dude damn made sure that didnt happen again.

3. When out on the town, what would be your choice of fine spirit of the evening?
     Maybe a glass of Tempranillo, Primotivo or Grenache. Otherwise a Bass followed by PBR and Jameson.

4. Do you truly believe that the Predators can defeat the Alien race?
    I believe the Predators could straight slap jack the xenomorphs Philly style, but then what would they do for fun?

5. What are your most fondest memory riding your Bmx?
    There are so many, it seems like Athens has  had a golden age for 13 years now.  Nathan Penonzek living here was a damn fine time, he brought so many top dudes here like Martti, Nathan, Simon and Viki that I would have never otherwise gotten to see shred the Tate center (RIP).

6. What is the name of your children's book? When will you drop your children's book?
    No Lap for Zoe is a childrens book I've never gotten around to writing, it's about my mom's 1st cat not being able to find a lap and learning something about life and longing and everything inbetween.

7. How many halfpackers combination are in your trickanary?
    Not enough, but I'm more into hang 5's and ankledeaths at the 'mo.  i need to get back into doing fakie 1/2 packers.

8. Describe a day in the life of Jody Temple?
    Sleep in as late as possible, have some fruit and caffeine for  breakfast.  Check out my favorite internets sites for music, BMX and skating.  Go to work if i'm working, if not lunch at Big City     Bread or Taste of India.  Shred the lot for 3 hours, chill, eat then party the night away.  Repeat.

9. If you were a hip hop artist, what would your name be?
    My rap group is Crispy-2-Stylz and I'm Q-Change.

10. ShoutOuts?
 OneLove crew, Duke, Daner and Andrew W,  Tunney, Chad Johnston, Aaron Behnke, Effraim for the daily updates and support, Coop dawg, Scott Nagy, Tod Miller, Prasheel, Peter and Trevor in  Saskatoon and all the North American riders I have met over the last 3 years.  I seriously respect all you guys and there's a lotta love and positive vibes for everyone that busts out the way they want and dont give a fuck.  There's been a lot more positivity and a lot less trolling/shit talking and that is  a good thing.

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