Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Trifling Tour Revisited

8000 miles.  7 states.  Coast to coast.  110 degree temperatures.  No A/C.  Trifling.

This past summer, despite any clear or logical thinking, myself, Darin Wright, and our good friend Antonio Marrache from Peru loaded up a 20-year-old Toyota and journeyed across the USA in search of good times and great sessions.

From L.A. to N.Y.C. to ATL and back, the One Love Crew shows once again, that we are no stranger to the epic road trip.  Subsisting on a diet of funyuns, donuts, cookies, and energy drinks, we blazed our trail, zig-zagging across the USA without a care in the world.

With our trunk filled to the brim with Primo, Deco, S&M, Revenge, Diversion, Innertwine, Flowstyle, and Quamen gear, we tore through the states reminiscent of a multi-cultural BMX Santa, passing out tires, pedals, bars, shirts, DVDs and other gifts to the BMX shredders we met along the way.

3 weeks later, we find ourselves back in Califonia, relieved to be home, and still glowing from the journey.

We made it.

Now here is a look at the Trifling Tour, straight off the iPhone...

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