Friday, October 14, 2011

Been Around The World

Ok, I know I said I won't put up other web edits cause theres enough "blogs" doing it.  But this is another awesome skill that most modern riders can't or won't do, I guess cause most riders ride in such small areas.

Around the Worlds seem to be a dying technique , but a few guys keep it alive.  As we found out, up here in Norcal, Its more of  standard trick, and of course every one at One Love has embraced this style of riding cause our spots are huge.  

Brian Tunney is no stranger to this style of flow.  A few months ago he dropped some heavy links from this technique.  Sad-lander and emo rider Louis Orth filmed a short clip of Brian, which happens to be the same date of the One Love Jam and hipster rider Joe Temple birthday.  Enjoy.


  1. You should probably talk to Louis and hang out with him before making such a sweeping generalization of his character.

    Just sayin'

  2. wow really, you must have forgotten how I met most you Jersey folks....
    and im not saying he a bad guy.

  3. Oh, I know you met some of us. I just don't think he really appreciated being publicly described like this is all.

    And I can't tell if your Zumbi Jam promo is a stab at me or if was just done in good humor in response to my "drug free PSA" that I did for an elementary school student. I'm hoping it's the latter as I've got nothing against your crew.