Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Chocolate city

An hour before arriving in Newark, Brian Tunney alerts the One Love Crew that 11 shootings went down last night. Apparently, the summer heat has got everyone in the hood acting foolish and lighting each other up.

No problems so far for our crew, besides a flat tire at the mercy of a broken 40oz on the sidewalk. Luckily Primo has our backs, so no problems there.

We sessioned with some NY locals today in Manhattan before getting rained out by a freak early evening storm.

The Chinese delivery dude said we were good people, the recession is closing down chicken shacks, tonight's blunt burned for an hour, and we're missing a Stephen Marley (and Damian & Nas) concert Saturday night to go to a flatland contest. That's the hood news for the night. Check out today's edit...

Next stop, FlowMountain.

The proper way to harness your bike.

The other way to harness your bikes.

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