Saturday, August 27, 2011

Bike Check - Bob on Bikes

Thats right a bike check. The best bike check ever!

Bob on Bikes Deco Succubus V2 

In the middle of a hot and sweaty Florida Summer,

after some crazy weather and too much time indoors, I was shocked today to awake,

and find my Succubus V2 pleasuring herself in the bathroom,

with Shadow ads and rideBMX mags everywhere,

sometime during the hurricane party-ing she got all worked up showing off her 19TT and sexy DECO stuff,

new grip color, alienskinned seat, dope purps seat shaft and

she was bragging about her flatland fuel gear to help finish her off. Moaned about:
sequence foot things, deja vu assuie freshness and switch levers for bi-brake-ing options.

 I'm glad MrBikes&Boards does good work, cause this dirty girl needs a tune-up she says,

 WTF all this from a flatland frame and nasty set-up!

I do personally like her Madera stem,

 Nankia bamboo back end with a Fly rim built to handle hard lashing!

 WOW Bob On Bikes is one lucky rider to be on a piece like that!

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