Monday, June 6, 2011

What You Packing

Custom Nankia Wrench made by Manuel Prado.
Never leave home without one.
I was siting in the Studio City parking lot last Saturday, and I thought in my head and out loud, every rider carries a backpack. But what do they carry in them?  We know everyone carries tools, but what else do you pack?

I sat down with B. Carter and checked out what he had in his backpack. Even though most riders drive to there spot or pedal, they still have there backpacks.  B. Carter's OG Matix pack has been all over the world, even detained at Customs in Singapore.

B. Carter backpack is packing maps to various ride spot all over the world, sunscreen, its all ways sunny in LA, Boarding passes, a custom Nankai wrench and some Diversion stickers.

That he is

More supplies. You got to have that sunscreen in LA

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