Monday, April 18, 2011

LA Weekend

After 7 days of rain and high winds in the North Bay, Dirty, Vegas Mike, Shayne, and myself decided it was time for a trip down south. We loaded up the Innertwine van for a good old fashion road trip down LA.

 Friday morning I awoke to Dirty and Mike already loading up the van. This was the first time I've seen the two guys up before 12:00pm. Shayne rolled up shortly after, and we were on our way. Our first stop, Neighborhood BMX. Shayne is going to pick up Chad J new singnature frame from S&M. This one happen to be a one off, raw with matte clearcoat. Nice. Chad was nice enough to meet us at his shop and let Shayne put his new ride together. Good looking Chad. We blessed the shop, then off to our host Sean Paul's for some rest. Tomorrow we will be hitting up Sean Pauls' Newport Beach spot.

The next morning our host gave us instructions to his spot, Sean Paul will be picking up Jamie B, so we will meet them there. We arrived, and was shock to see the spot is right on the beach, it was flat, no sand, I dont think I have ever seen such a dope spot in a while. This was a good day, about 10 riders showed up for this awesome beach side session.  If you ever out in this area code, you must hit this spot. Thanks Sean Paul for the spot and a place to rest our heads.

Sunday was our last day in LA. We stayed with Bo the night before, we all were planing to go out to the bar were Bo works at, but the sun, and riding all day took it out of everyone. Bo is what I call the blue collar pro. Two jobs and still able to session 4 hours a day. Dude got the sickest brakeless decade variations, I mean all of them.  We will session with you again bro, and thanks again for letting us crash for the night.

Before we hit the spot, Shayne and I had to make a quick stop at the Liberty Bell Temple II to get a little  sacrament for the session today. Studio City session was not as big as the day before, some people were working, some were sore, some people live far away, but none the less, people were still out and busting out. Jowii pulled in with his fresh new driver license and ride, I still dont see how this kid does not get dizzy spinning all day. As the day grew later, we new the 6-7 hour trip has to be made. We gave peace and pounds and hit the 101 North.

Thanks to everyone who I forgot, and we will be back soon. One.

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