Thursday, October 14, 2010

Higher BMX

Here is an essay that I wrote on September 1st. You can find an alternate version in the October Issue of Nug Magazine, or on their website.

For me, riding BMX and consuming cannabis is one in the same. Both acts have the extraordinary ability to raise the body's vibratory frequency, and when put together with a focused intent, the end result tends to be a conscious-elevating experience. Through the integration of marijuana and BMX riding, I have merged two of my most important spiritual activities into one.

In just the same way as prayer, yoga, or dance can be meditative, so can certain forms of technical BMX riding. Repetitive movements, intense concentration, and the partnership between mind and body are all required to successfully perform tricks on a bike. Riding and doing tricks has always given me that "high" feeling, and the "high" that I experience when riding a bike is not much different than the "high" felt when consuming cannabis. A bike is made up of triangles, diamonds, and circles, all of which act as energy emitters. Through riding, your body and bike work together cooperatively to raise the vibratory level of the body, which raises consciousness and elevates the spirit.

A similar effect is felt when consuming ganja. Marijuana has the wonderful ability to unite and enhance both hemispheres of the brain as new, clean blood rushes to the head. This enhancement and unification of the left and right portions of the brain results in the "high". Furthermore, as you consume cannabis, your body begins to resonate at a higher frequency than normal. Your body's vibration skyrockets, creating a spiritually unique feeling of openness and increased awareness.

So naturally, as these two activities became more important to me over the years, and their physiological and spiritual benefits became more clear, I began to merge the two. The result being a completely new and exciting experience. For me, when I ride my bike with the aid of ganja, I am transformed fully into the moment. Increased concentration, awareness, creativity, and relaxation all contribute to the BMX experience. They go hand in hand, and together both marijuana and BMX provide me with a heightened level of energy, spirituality, and fun.

Shayne Khajehnoori
September 1, 2010

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